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Miami Valley Risk Management

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Miami Valley Risk Management
3085 Woodman Drive Suite 200
Kettering, OH 45420

#1 LOSS CONTROL Reduce and prevent members' losses through the establishment and implementation of loss control policies, procedures and practices.

#2 RISK MANAGEMENT Provide professional risk management support, services, and training utilizing a variety of resources, including staff and outside consultants.
#3 ASSET PROTECTION Provide stable insurance protection by aggressively seeking predictable and competitive cost elvels, maintaining sufficient financial reserves and purchasing reasonably-priced insurance products.
#4 RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENCE Recognize the efforts of municipalities, departments, and employees for excellence or innovation in their risk management programs and activities.
#5 COMMUNICATION Provide membership with an innovative means of communication as it relates to risk management issues.
#6  MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Evaluate opportunities to selectively expand membership to include professionally managed municipalities compatible with the existing membership and whose admission into the pool would be beneficial to the exisitng membership.